Back Ground of RENA Foundation Uganda

Rwenzori East Neighbors Association (RENA Uganda) was established in 2000 as a Community Based Organization (CBO) with support from Hope Foundation Switzerland. On 18th July 2001, it was registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee without share capital under the Companies Act (Cap 85) with Certificate No. 49045

In 2011 RENA Uganda Constitution was revised and a new name of “RENA Foundation Uganda” was passed by the Board of Directors with new provisions for an inclusive membership, regulations for the operations of the Board of Directors and the creation of an appointed Executive Director to run RENA Foundation Uganda affairs. These changes have strengthened the governance structures and systems in the organization with clear responsibilities and roles and stable relationships among different organs.

Following the above, the Board of Directors also resolved to register with the NGO Board to obtain an NGO Certificate under the new regulations. On 28th September 2012, RENA Foundation Uganda was registered under the Non Government Organizations Registration Act (Cap. 113) as a Non Government Organization with Certificate No. 9433/S5914/9927.

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